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I made a huge decision. I took the road less travelled. It is a big risk.
I quit my job and followed the dream in my heart….to write a book and live a more spiritually centred life. I released the stability of income and the pull of conformity to plunge head first into all the nay-saying in my head.

I am not alone in this venture. Many others have done the same thing. I however, am not a type A, passion and power driven entrepreneur. I am not a way seer, an activist, or a rebel. I am in fact an extremely sensitive type, not typically introverted as I have a bit of a show off streak, but I’m not driven to pursue fame and fortune like a steam train either.

What I had was a necessity. It was necessary for me to follow this path.

I was lost and sad and lonely as I followed the path of the masses. In my pursuit of a way to overcome my abuse pain and trauma, I found the light. I see the light. I know myself as the light and as the light; I know that I am able to shine for others. Others who are still looking for their light, and whose frequency, wattage and current are akin with mine.

I found a way to turn mine on myself, through meditation. Now I know how to keep myself plugged in.  With that discovery, there came, somewhat slowly, a second understanding. This gift and my tools might be of service to others. It doesn’t feel like I am indulging in a luxury, as it can be hard work. It is a commitment.  A commitment I have made to myself. A commitment to self knowledge, self love and inner peace.Megan-173-Edit

We all know what Marianne Williamson said:“Who am I to be brilliant gorgeous talented and fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? ….There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others people won’t feel insecure around you. . We are born to make manifest the glory of God within us”

So ask yourself , “Have I connected with my essence?” Have you found the light inside of you that is that glory?” Even using the word glory can make you want to shy away. It comes with the sense of heroics and bravery. Looking for the connection to that light of god, the universe that lives inside of you is a really heroic and courageous act. But it is also peaceful and gentle and relieving. It is is not a luxury, it is necessary.

My light often comes in the form of words, written and spoken and sung. They are my necessity. It is necessary that I share. It is necessary that I allow the light of the universe make itself manifest through me, and it be given its expression in my unique form. Anything else is denying the rights of creation itself. I am not one to go messing with universal laws and suppressing growth!

If I do, I suppress me and my right to live and breathe and grow. So today, I am sharing these words, and hope that some of it inspires you, and that you in turn may inspire me back….because it is necessary. It just is.

You can learn more about my life, pain and trauma and my path to spiritual enlightenment by reading my book “The Magic and The Mire: Connecting the Shadows of your Life to the Light of Your Soul.”