cloud storm for poetry

Rain on me storm

I’m an unfilled shell

I’m parched and scorched

And empty as hell

Dazzle my eyes with

Echoes of thunder

Drown all my senses

In torrents of wonder

No need to tease me

With trickles and drops

I crave your powerful

Violent magnificent shots

I’ll jump and scream from

Your sonic boom

Weave into my soul

With your cyclonic loom

You’ve broken the back

Of my lethargic sweat

With your tidal unleashed

I let go my regret

You taunted me with

Your clouds of grey

As I slowly watered

The trees started to sway

When I suddenly felt that

Shift in the air

I look to the sky

And you issued a dare


lightning-bolt-‘Find shelter inside

My darling storm lover

Lest my watery show

Become your only cover’



I taunt her back

‘I’m not scared of your threats

I covet your power

Your roar….you tempest!’

My soul adores your

Wet cutting wind

Your thunder and lightning

Are my favourite din

If I could pull you

Inside of my heart

I’d show the world

How awesomeness starts!

Let’s join together

A force to behold

Life’s powerful knives

Honed on Gaia’s wet stone

We’ll cut through the smallness

Well made plans we will toss

Show them powerful nature

Is the one rightful boss.


Megan Freeland 30.11.15 ©