green forest creature

Green tree man come and speak to me

Whisper gently if you please

Tell me something about the earth

Speak to me in riddles and mirth

Do you know how to fix this quarrelsome day

Stop, be quiet and listen, you say

This is only bruised ego’s having a play

Inside the earth we roll in the mud

We revel in magic we revere all the blood

We are present and hopeful

And when things start to decay

We honour the spirit

As it finds a new way

We know of the cycles that all come around

Expect not your answers in a straight line will be found

Chance you’ll discover in this aberrant dark

Things unbeknown to your soothe seeking heart

You think in your pain you’re rejected and spurned

You think the worst thing in life is your stomach that churns

I tell you oh sweet one, there is much you will find

When you know it’s just chatter consuming your mind

It’s nothing but fear of the loss of old ways

You ask for the change, yet like not the vibe to the ray

Here in the earth when we ask for a boonforest treehouse

We know in the void comes a clash to the tune

Some things need to brew in the pot

Before we discover the thing that it’s not

The vision may come like moulded clay

 The stroke of the brush or the dawn of the day

Just when you feel like everything’s lost

You will understand sometimes wisdom

Must first pay a cost

In wisdom we know that all we hold dear

Is nought but old sentiment clinging to logic and fear

In the earth we know wisdom is the seed in the dirt

It’s the flight of the eagle

It’s the mother in birth

Wisdom acknowledges the ancient traditions

At the same time seeking life’s new expeditions

Wisdom knows which parts to bring forth

Compassion, kindness and love have most worth

Child you walk on a well trodden path

Those stumbling blocks are the marks of the past

The tears you cry now will water the seed

They will loosen the ridges and quench the foul deeds

You asked me to help with your saddened dismaystarry woman night stars

To which, I only have one thing to say

Look to the stars, look to the earth

Miraculous things are about to be birthed

Each time you seek me to ease your pain away,

You are already opened to finding your own way

Megan Freeland ©

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