I just read this great blog from the Paranormal Profiler called ‘Divorced Life Syndrome’.

It is about the way that the speed of life has increased exponentially over the last 100 years or so, and how we as individuals are actually feel more and more discontent, disconnected and confused than ever because of it.

I have been feeling this way myself for such a long time now. I am inspired by the amazing changes in the world. Seriously, it is like that science fiction future we dreamed of as kids actually came true within our lifetimes…how incredible is that. It is truly a marvellous time to be living.

There is a huge but that goes along with it though, and it affects most of us intimately.


The Online World. 

The online world has created a whole new realm of fantasy that has nothing to do with our sense of self, our inner peace or our understanding of how we need to be in the world. It is creating this huge chasm between what we can actually do and what we ‘think’ we should be doing.

It is the master of delivering unrealistic expectations. It is full of ‘shoulds which I personally believe are creating and contributing to the epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression that is infesting our society. We are losing hours scrolling through a manifesto that convinces us our lives are not enough, that we should want more, do more and be more. It seems like everyone else is creating and contributing something awesome that is going to change lives or even the world…aren’t they?

Cue the freak out…I should be “manifesting the best life ever…the time is now!”

And, hand on heart; I believe that people like me, spiritual seeking types, have a huge role to play in this. We are trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe. We are looking for ways to live a more meaningful existence. We are yearning for the feeling of living a connected and energised life.

We seek knowledge. (and we are oversharers!) 

Now, we have the internet to help us out. Humanity’s open source library; a stairway to the stars or a click or two away from falling into a hellish labyrinth of mayhem. Available 24/7, in every room in the house. 

But, you know, just because someone, somewhere thought it, wrote it, videoed it, had an opinion on it, added an inspiring picture uploaded it and sold you a vision, doesn’t mean you need it.

You might… but you probably don’t.

You need to slow down. I have been banging on for years about slowing down.

Let’s remember the ultimate goal of spiritual seeking.

To know yourself.  To seek to understand the universe (god) as the universe (god) exists within you. The answers you need about what your life should look like exist within you and you only.

What you need is to work out at what pace you want to ride through life at. Stop comparing what you have what someone else tells you they have.

Meditation creates channels into deeper levels of intuitive wisdom and also unleashes bursts of creativity that are exciting. We manifest something cool and then, as human beings, we tend to want to share these experiences.

And the internet lets us all do it, all the time.

All. The. Time!

This is creating unrealistic expectations that are leaving us frustrated.

The goal of spiritual ascendency lies in the notion of ‘raising our vibrations’. This is a genuine and valid concept. However, higher levels of energetic frequency should lend a sense of timelessness to our meditative experiences. So why do I hear ‘spiritual people’ creating this sense of urgency all the time. The time is now! We must complete our mission to lift the vibration of the planet before it descends into darkness! It smacks of fear mongering and it not helpful at all.

Our human mind, our egos, will try to attach concepts to these feelings. Without a deep level of understanding of yourself and how your energy works, you might end up getting pulled in many directions trying to do it all.

Find your purpose. Be in your life mission. Contribute to the collective shift.  Be creatively expressing your inner self.

These are all valuable and worthy goals. We just need to make certain that we are walking, not running, toward an end goal that we can comfortably and peacefully achieve.

So, my advice; turn it all off for a while and recharge yourself in the natural world. Nature, Mother Earth, is there for us. She will soothe your frustrated heart, if you just let her.

Once you have unplugged your digital devices, descend into yourself, your inner being. Ask yourself what it is YOU truly want. Not what some old belief system has tricked you into believing. (The voice of a parent or teacher or coach or someone that will play it’s recording to you whenever you answer that question.)

What does your soul want? Mostly, it wants to be listened to by you, expressed creatively through you and nurtured by you.

I have been asked a few time lately what I want to ‘do’ and ‘achieve’. Why aren’t I being seen more? Sharing and giving more? How different do I want my life to be in a year from now?

It totally daunts me, because I have this old belief system that tells me that to be ‘successful’ will mean I am going to be weighed down with responsibilities, I will have to work super hard and I will be exhausted all the time…and I don’t want that.

I want freedom to just be me. I want to feel a sense of connection to my soul and to the people who mean the most to me in my life. My family and friends. I also want to share the wisdom of my soul and its journey and to inspire you on yours. That is it really.

It is quite simple.


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