The carrion birds are circling

Through the foul stench that’s in the air

Their beady eyes are gleaming

There’s heavy darkness everywhere


They see my fallen psyche

On the riverbank below

The blood the pus the ooze and flesh

Have made for quite the horror show.


The lead bird plunges down to

Claim the coveted rotting flesh

He’s looking for the darkest meat

His Prize

The heart within my chest


But before I let him have his way

Let my broken body go

I will roll upon my chest

Turn my back to this

Evil Crow


His anguished piercing cry

Is like a mirror to my soul

It had fallen down a vortex

Til only blackness could be known

It was drowning in that river

It was whipped and flailed and used

We were two and one together

The abuser and the abused


But now I know this shadow and say

‘Thank you very much’

But I’ve fixed my broken heart

So sink your claws crow

Into my shoulder blades

Let the skin be torn apart


I do not need this punishment

I don’t want these violent things

I know you dark

I am free to start

From my wounds I unfurl my wings


Megan Freeland


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