What is inspiration

What does it mean

What does it look like

Can it be seen


That feeling grabs hold

You start to dance

Your mind is connected

You’ve entered a trance


The moment ignites like frenzied rain

Your heart is smiling; it’s captured your brain.

It is that moment, when all is combined

It is the Grail…the ultimate find!


It’s the feeling inside when your soul it speaks up

And milk and honey start to fill up your cup

It’s the dazzling fire, epic waterfall

The newborn baby…the universe’s call


Exploding galaxies

Inventive ideas

Laughter, enlightenment

God’s joyous tears


It’s like all the Archangels have put on a show

And your heart it whispers…what’s above is below

There’s no separation between time and space

Divinity belongs to the whole human race


You hit the jackpot, you heard the song

Your heart it just opened….Inspirations begun.


Megan Freeland ©

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