I sense the presence of an Angel

She came upon the earth

She sacrificed her wholeness

To rediscover her worth

She was not truly broken

She was only broken open

She had bought a magic spell

She had a message to be spoken

A special woman birthed her

To be a gift that must be heard

For the love they shared together

Was for the sake of the whole world

When all is dark and horrid

When peoples black hearts are giving fright

She will lead them through those moments

With her joyous and uplifting light

The people they adored her

But were confused by what was said

This gentle wise and gracious being

Told them all their fear was in their heads

It seemed somewhat perplexing

That this glowing beam of light

Asked them to be present

To a strength that seemed out of sight

She spoke of greater power

She spoke of joyous things

Like creating a freer destiny

When you focus and let your heart sing

She said ‘break free of your illusions’

Don’t wait for life to knock you down

Be clear that love intended you

To feel the sense of the profound

She whispered her last secret

The one she knew was best

That is to know the power of gratitude

And life will bring you all the rest

The message is of love

Compassion, beauty, light

You are Gods magnificent creation

It is your destiny and birthright

~Megan Freeland~


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