I had such a heart opening day on Friday. I popped my big girl pants on and went along to a women’s circle held by a beautiful lady that I had never met, Mitle. I had only seen her online. In fact all the women attending were just names attached to photos and comments from face book. So walking in there felt like stepping inside my laptop, waving Pinocchio’s wand over us all and turning us into real boys…or rather, real beautiful powerful women.

The real reason for this big share though is because of another AMAZING SYNCHRONICITY that happened. Yep, the universe was at it again, making magic in my life and I am still elated.

During the circle, we all had the opportunity to share what is happening for us now. It is the beauty of sitting in circle. The open-hearted, non-judgmental and safe space to say what you need to say; to be witnessed, heard and held without expectation, fixing or fawning.

As sometimes will happen for me when I am surrounded by powerful and open energies, I felt my energy surging, rising up. I was listening to these women sharing their stresses, fears and anxieties and I could see this connection to each of their stories. I could see myself reflected in some way in each part of the woundedness they were revealing. There was an intricate web that linked us all. A communion. So when it came to be my turn to share, I suddenly felt the need to share just that thing.

I shared how I struggled with the difficulty of being a human and divine being at the same time. It is difficult and confusing but I suppose it is what we are here to figure out. Yet, I felt like in that moment, I was both observing and experiencing at the same time, seeing it with both of those eyes. I was experiencing the universe revealing itself to me, as I observed a version of myself in each story. I experienced that profound sense of how we are constantly creating the world we see before our eyes. How the divine energy of the creative life force moves through our human bodies, creating and expanding the universe. It feels like we are standing on the edge of the universe. When we are present in the moment, we are witnessing the expansion of time through our very existence as a human being. I was experiencing the merging of these two states of being.  And because we are all one, in our collective consciousness, I could see the parts of myself reflected in each woman.  We were all connected through the humanness of our struggles, but the divinity of our feminine wisdom and power.

It  felt big and brave of me to share that in person and out loud in front of a room of women I had never met, yet I knew that it would be ok, and that to be living in the spiritual space I want to be in, I have to allow myself to be seen in this way more.

This is the best bit though. During and after the circle I connected with Belinda. Belinda came over to speak with me because she felt drawn to me and the things I had shared.  I had felt a spark of deeper connection too. One of my energetic ‘tells’ is when a spark of bright white light flashes above someone’s head, and I saw this when Belinda was speaking and sharing her sense of connection with everyone. It was her words that convinced me to share mine.

As we spoke, Belinda told me that she really resonated with what I was saying, and I mentioned my book. Belinda then asked me what my book is called and I say it is The Magic and The Mire and her faces just lights up and her eyes grow huge and she says: “Oh my God, I just bought this book at the Lifeline Bookfest on the weekend!!”

Wow! She had bought my book not knowing who I was or that I would be at that circle, only that she was so drawn to me and my energy. We just stood there wowing and laughing and revelling in the amazing feeling of such a huge synchronicity. I was so honoured that she felt drawn to my book and to have had such a magical and beautiful connection with her.

Such is the power of the universe, women in circle and the healing that comes through sharing stories.

Megan xo

p.s. (I might have some news about my own circles soon too!)

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