I feel very jittery

I feel very intense

Like my veins are made of a rusty old

Broken barbed wire fence.


I cannot settle down

I cannot lift it up

There’s no more milk and honey

Left for me to fill my cup


The clouds upon my mountain

Are all gloomy dark and grey

And they’ve settled on my eyes

So I’ve got nothing left to say


Don’t want to feel sunshine

Falling on my face

Don’t want to see the blue sky

Shining on my place


I just want to settle

And sit quiet with my dread

I don’t want to question

All the questions in my head


My heartache and my sorrow

Have a story I should hear

And who am I to question

Their authority and their fear


They are teaching me of loneliness

And the high price of its toll

They teach me that the lightness

Of my spirit have they stole


All that’s left is a

Broken crumbling dried out

Empty husk

And the bones of winter

The only solace

For this sad souls autumn dusk.



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