Kookaburra sitting

In the Jacaranda tree

Laughs his happy laugh

For all the world to see


Dog she stands below

And looks up to the sky

Wags her happy tail

Without all the wondering whys


The lizard pokes his head out

Looking for the sun

Tired of the dark

Light and lizard join as one


The wind blowing in the valley

Is powerful raging force

Yet when it hits the mountain

It bends and finds and different course


Lessons of the earth

Speak of power and of grace

But even great and wondrous things

Can move at a snail’s pace


The soul that sits inside us

Is a vast eternal being

It is gentle wise and generous

Patient and all-seeing.


The human that surrounds us

Is a blind man in the dark

Crying lost and helpless

It needs a light to spark the path


The animals and earth

They know the answers you will find

Use humour strength and happiness

To lift you up

And free your mind



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