Oh Divine Laughter. One of our greatest spiritual teachers is laughter. How I love to laugh. It is so freeing. It is so relieving. It is so empowering. I love how it feels in my body to allow the energy of humour, mirth and the accompanying joy to roll through. It is a surrender of sorts; into hilarious understanding of our fallacies and our faults.

In the Native American tradition the Plains Indians honour the spirit ‘Heyokah’ the sacred clown. (You see what I did there with the title…I love puns)

In animal medicine Coyote is known as The Trickster.

In the tarot we have The Fool.

In mythology there is Loki. The archetype exists in many other cultures.

This divine archetype teaches us through jokes, pranks, rule breaking and satire that we are fools to our pretentious beliefs and the sanctimony of old paradigms. It reminds us that we are all a little bit loopy. Through its antics, its disparaging remarks and behaviours, it holds a mirror up for us to see this aspect of our deeper selves, and by doing so, strips back the facades of our egos to discover a connection to big truths. Using comedy it creates revelations that are difficult to find through mere contemplation. In ridiculousness are we shockingly revealed. Yet, that is the point. It is quick and funny, rather than long and painful.

The gift that The Trickster brings is to relieve us of our fear. It is showing us through the law of opposites how we can transform ourselves and learn deep lessons about the nature of our humanity. It is said that to laugh in the face of evil is a source of great power. The devil cannot abide to be mocked. When mocked, he loses his power. In mockery we are unafraid. We are revealing our capacity to stand squarely in front of our prejudices, shame, guilt, anger, all aspects of our darkness and face the shadow. Through crazy wisdom our rigid ideologies are split open and our soul is sent flying in frivolity. We remember that life is a cracking good game we are playing and that we should learn to lighten up.

Humour, the great trickster, has the honour of being able to shine a vibration of mirth onto the illusion of duality, it charges our souls back into alignment by illuminating the illusion, as it neutralizes ego. When we relinquish our need to hold ego so tight, we lose our own fear of being mocked. Once we are no longing being held captive by the trappings of our ego,  it is with humour we then find a sense of freedom. Laughter unites us in peace because it is universal.

What do you see when someone laughs? You see their soul shining through their eyes.


**Image credit for this blog is for the gorgeous ‘Spirit of Jackal – by Aikya’, which I found on pinterest. If this is incorrect please contact me and I’ll amend it.

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