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Megan Freeland

Hi lovely ones, I am Megan. A spirituality and meditation loving writer with a strong voice for sexual abuse survival and the power of the divine feminine. One of the things people often tell me about myself with the stories, synchronicities and insights I talk about is that they often get ‘goosebumps’ when I talk. I make the universe feel real for them. I am the author of The Magic and The Mire, Connecting the Shadows of Your Life to the Light of Your Soul and LIGHT GREY DARK, a collection of poetry that comes straight from my heart and soul.

I believe (actually, I KNOW) that terribly old and clichéd new age adage that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience to be absolutely true. I have had (and still do have) some pretty cool experiences with energy and spirit, and because of them I have experienced and learned along the way.

Because of those experiences and my years of dedication to meditation and following my spiritual path, I believe I am a faith maker able to help you to believe in and trust the universe, and to discover the amazing divine power of your own soul.

When I write, sometimes it is about the pain, trauma and suffering that are the inevitable part of life as a human, but I also the like the good juicy stuff like synchronicity, joyfulness, healing and insight. This is my spiritual journey, and I hope that by sharing my stuff with you, we all help each other to grow.

I love astrology, numerology, tarot, singing, dancing and quantum physics, so over on my facebook page I share posts from my favourite people about all that kind of stuff. Plus anything else I think is funny, cool, interesting, relevant or because I just feel like it.

Thanks for checking out my website. Please also head over and like and follow me on my facebook page.

Now, go ahead and send me a message if you would love to connect, I know I would. I’d also be filled with enormous love and gratitude if you buy a book.  Now, go do some meditation and be sure to find a way to be happy, peaceful and creative. Live a life you love and explore the depths of your own soul.

Megan xo