Testimonials - Megan Freeland


The Magic and The Mire is an inspiring and raw true story of growth in every sense of the word. It showcases for the readers that through adversity and struggle can come true strength when we accept what simply just is. Megan offers another take and insight into another way of being, another scope that one can see their current circumstances. I absolutely loved this book from the very first page and inspired me in ways that I did, not expect as I am sure it will many others. This book will make you want to change and grow as an individual, to expand your horizons and really experience life for how it is truly meant to be experienced. Every single word on every page of this book was written with love and thoughtfulness for whoever the reader might be. I could feel Megan’s heart and soul in each word I read.

Michelle Heynen, Author of ‘Reflections of Sandra’

‘Megan has an amazing ability to connect with her readers via her conversational & interesting writing style. She has a knack for storytelling that draws you in & holds your interest; she gets her point across with intelligence and without waffling or labouring the point. Not every author has this quality.  I highly recommend you invest in any work by Megan, she is a rising star in this field!’

Laura Armstrong… Doterra Oils Consultant

It is not often that a sad raw story can become a true story of growth as opposed to simply survival. What Megan shows us through her honesty, growth and understanding; is that strength is attainable when self honesty and acceptance become real functioning steps we walk every day. Megan came as a student to me and now steps out as a Leader. I’m proud of you because I personally saw how you went from confrontation to self acceptance. This is a raw, honest, open and inspiring story that’s legacy will help those go from trauma to growth. Bravo, Julianna

 Julianna Suranyi (Psychic Julianna – Soul TV)

Megan Freeland is an inspiring and authoritative example of how you can not only survive, but thrive after experiencing childhood sexual abuse. Megan’s natural storytelling abilities shine through in The Magic and the Mire, as she recounts her life experiences and in a very caring and personal way. She also explains how her faith in spirituality was central to her healing. The perfect companion on your own healing journey, Megan offers insights into another way of being

 Danielle Shepherd: The Mindful Journey 

I really loved this book. It hooked me in from the first page. It moved me and inspired me, as I believe it will many others. Megan has written it with such openness of mind and heart, with remarkable courage, and with beautiful words. It is a deeply personal story that Megan invites you to share. As the reader, you feel like you are right there with her. The journey is a difficult and tumultuous one – from childhood abuse and trauma, through multiple realms of (sometimes scary) self-discovery to places of great healing, deeply meaningful change, and lifelong personal and spiritual growth. From mire to magic. This book makes you want to grow as a person, to bravely explore yourself and the world, and to be strong and compassionate. It makes you want to make the most of this precious life whatever it may bring. Read it. It’s worth it.

Emma Sanders: Psychologist

THE MAGIC AND THE MIRE is a personal story of pain, healing, growth and trusting your personal truth.  Megan tells her life story with great integrity and courage. I have laughed, cried and experienced some powerful shivery moments when you spoke about some of your spiritual experiences. Megan’s experiences are beyond my own experiences and yet I am so able to relate to Megan’s story. This book has challenged my personal difficulty to be open towards what cannot be scientifically explained. I frequently felt moved to tears by her at times emotionally raw and honest account. Megan has allowed me to be witness to the power of personal strength and resilience.As a Counsellor working predominantly with women I value that I have been reminded that we all have to follow our own unique path towards healing from abuse and trauma. Thank you Megan for allowing me to walk with through ‘ THE MAGIC AND THE MIRE’.

I imagine that you will have a profound impact on anyone who chooses to read this beautifully crafted and powerful personal story. 

 Joyce van der Ham: Counsellor

Megan bravely allows us to travel through her life from the dark shadows over her childhood to the light of her spiritual transformation. She shares the results of her wide research into spirituality in an open-minded way and provides a manual of considerable value to someone who wants a companion/mentor as they work through their own journey. As the story of her life unfolds, we learn the strategies which have worked for her, presented with an understanding that not all approaches work for all people. I appreciate the down to earth approach and the lack of judgemental attitude.

Judith Millington: Editor 

This book is a dual purpose ‘tough love’ helping hand from one who has been in the thick of it for oh too long!  Feel the empathy in the pages. You are not alone in your enduring efforts. But don’t reinvent the wheel, for here, if you are ready, is a clear guide to avoid pitfalls. Gain solid footing in recovery, and be audacious enough to thrive! 

Cath Ivin: Business Owner