The Magic And The Mire - Megan Freeland


“I am a Faith Maker, here to help you to believe in and trust the universe.”

I hope by reading my story, you can all find a little more faith and a lot more power.

The Magic and The Mire is the personal story of my childhood sexual abuse interwoven with the experience of my spontaneous spiritual awakening.  The book is 12 Chapters in 2 parts. Part one is my life story and part two contains the insights and lessons I discovered along the path.

I wrote this book for two main reasons:

  1. So that I can continue the journey of healing myself, growing and learning about life as a human/spiritual being
  2. As a vision for others who seek to heal or understand the deep wounds from their own life.

I found the courage to speak up about my abuse as a child, in my adult life and eventually in court. As I grew, I discovered a twofold purpose for my life. This book is my voice, speaking out against sexual abuse but also teaching others of divine nature of our souls. I am here to advocate for reclaiming our inner power through meditation and spiritual development

In Part One, I share the truths and tell you my story. It is raw, honest, confronting and courageous. I tell you about the pain, the depression, the confusion and the sense of not belonging. Throughout these struggles I continue to seek deeper meaning and understanding about the nature of being human. With the continuing questions of Who Am I, Why Am I Here, and Is there a Path and a Purpose to it all?”  I also talk about the things I have learned as I follow the path of a spiritual explorer. I share with you my encounters with energy and spirit and how these experiences challenged me and changed my understanding of our experience of life on earth. I learn how to follow the threads of life that allow events, people and places to unfold, bringing us to that place of peace that we seek. I show you how synchronicity and intuition are always guiding us and helping us to evolve and grow.

In Part Two, I offer my insights and spiritual teaching. I talk about Ego, Vulnerability, Inner Power, Speaking Truth, Synchronicity, Beliefs, and Tools like Tarot, Astrology and Numerology. I also express my thoughts on joyful things like laughing, singing and dancing and the reality of transformational healing.  I also provide two step-by-step processes I created. These 2 active processes emerged after 20 years of personal meditation practice and spiritual development work. They are my personal power circuits. You will also find a final chapter about bridging the complex world of science vs spirituality and I invite you to investigate how the worlds of new science theories are connecting to spiritual concepts.

Inside the pages of The Magic and The Mire you will find I wear lot of hats. I wear the hat of the researcher, the explorer, the storyteller, the victim and I am the heroine of my own story. I believe that through the sharing of our stories that we inspire, we learn, we connect and we see new possibilities.

The message about Megan Freeland and this book are reflected in the title above:

“I am a faith maker, here to help you to believe in and trust the universe.” I hope by reading my story, you can all find a little more faith and a lot more power.

I felt a great compulsion to write this book after my dad passed away in 2012.  The yearning in my heart became too loud to not do it. The purpose I had been seeking to uncover all my life emerged as this process of sharing the story of my journey. I have been writing since I was a little girl and I have been actively meditating for at least 20 years.  I discovered that I had an important message to share about moving through my suffering, balancing the dark and remembering the light. I now know that I have the capacity to inspire people with my words. This book is my gift and my service….Megan xom

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I laughed cried and experienced some powerful shivery moments…Megan tells her story with great integrity and courage…Joyce

This is a raw, honest, inspiring story that’s legacy will help you go from trauma to growth…Julianna

I really loved this book, it hooked me from the first page. It moved and inspired me… Emma

Megan’s natural storytelling abilities shine through..Megan offers insights into another way of being…Danielle

Gain solid footing in recovery and be audacious enough to thrive!…Cath